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About Us

At Bosken Inclusion,  we facilitate every aspect of the accessibility business journey.  The accessibility (ADA Titles I, II and III, WCAG 2,0/2,1, Section 508, etc.) industry has some of the most talented and dedicated professionals out there. Leaders in the space from around the world regularly communicate and share ideas and insights. We are a community of Specialists who have dedicated decades to enhancing accessibility and inclusion for all.

We are not out to duplicate the services that our respected colleagues already provide. We are here to fill in the gaps by providing holistic coordination of accessibility inclusion in business.
~Tema Smith-Bosken, CEO

Bosken Inclusion specializes in being generalists. We are not out to duplicate the services that our respected colleagues already provide. We are here to fill in the gaps by providing holistic coordination of Accessibility inclusion in business. What do we mean by that?

Imagine that you know you have a health concern. You have no idea the cause, but you know that not addressing the issue could cause significant risk to you. What would your first instinct be? Would you randomly pick specialists to approach for evaluation, or would you first make an urgent appointment with your Primary Care Physician (PCP) for evaluation and referral? Most people would choose the latter.

After initial consultation it is likely that your PCP would refer you to specialist, for lab work, chest x-rays, etc.. Your doctor would receive reports and help you determine your next steps. Should you consult with a specialist? If so, which one, what type? Could you possibly take control of your own destiny by making changes to your diet and exercise routine? How sick are you? Whatever plan you make, you and your PCP would consult regularly on your progress and work as a team to have you healthy and whole again.

In a nutshell, that is what we do. We act as the Generalist Primary Care Provider for accessibility inclusion in business. When you decide to have an accessibility “check up”, we are here to advise, diagnose, refer and coordinate care with regular “health check” progress reporting.

We chose the name Bosken Inclusion because we are dedicated to providing personalized service for your organization. Just as no two people are the same, no two organizations are the same. Your PCP wouldn’t advise an 80 year old with diabetes to manage their health in the same way they would a 20 something with a broken leg, right.? They certainly would prioritize a potential heart attack over a sprained wrist!

How do you know which accessibility concerns in your organization are the high risk “heart attack” and which are manageable with education and planning?

Of course, if you were to go to a specialist before having an overall evaluation, you will receive excellent care from a dedicated professional. However you may find that you are treating the sprained wrist and the heart attack is about to happen, with neither one of you being aware. Don’t start in the middle! Don’t let risk accumulate because your business has never had a comprehensive health check!

We are available for consultation, evaluation, planning and referrals. Make the first step towards your business being accessible, inclusive and healthy! Our target clientele is small business from 25 to 25,000 employees. Larger organizations are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Our Team

Tema Smith-Bosken

Hi, I’m Tema Smith-Bosken, CEO of Bosken Inclusion. For the last 20+ years, I have been a leading authority on inclusion and accessibility, consulting, training, and advising government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses on all aspects of their accessibility needs. It is my life mission to create a truly inclusive digital world where everyone is treated with respect and integrity.

Tel: 614-585-3856
Email: temab@boskeninclusion.com

Bob Bosken
Senior Tech Advisor

I’m Robert Bosken, blind since birth, and I’ve been a lifelong user of assistive technology. I began working in the field of accessibility training in 1997, and since 2005, have worked full-time as a section 508 tester, trainer, and accessibility consultant for the US Social Security administration. Making websites accessible is not just an afterthought for me, rather it’s a necessity. I am now happy to lend my passion for accessibility and inclusion to the Bosken inclusion team.

Tel: 614-349-5699

Kim Kawashima
Operations Support

Hi, I’m Kim Kawashima and I am the Lead Operations Support for Bosken Inclusion. From owning and operating a private English Language school for children in rural Japan to serving as Executive Assistant to the CEO of a major NY Investment firm, I bring over 15 years of experience in Operations Management to Bosken Inclusion. I believe in honesty, loyalty, and respect in all my interactions. I don’t always know the answers, but I will always do my best to find them.

Tel: 901-206-6103

Peter Dodson
Account Executive

I am working towards being a UX Designer with a focus on accessibility. I am attending a Google UX Design course through Coursera. I am passionate about people and work hard to make people happy. I enjoy thinking outside the box and because of that I am able to create innovative ideas. It is a pleasure working with like-minded individuals.

Tel: 614-349-8494
Email: peted@boskeninclusion.com

John Hoyt
Project Manager

With extensive experience in event and program management from a career spent in customer service, John Hoyt will be entrusted with coordinating the customer experience to simplify and tailor the inclusion process to the needs of each customer.

Tel: 513-914-6396
Email: johnh@boskeninclusion.com

Grace Bosken
Accessibility SME

Hi, my name is Grace Bosken. I am a SME and accessibility consultant at Bosken Inclusion. As a person with disabilities, and someone who has many connections to people who are also disabled, I have seen so many of my family and friends struggle with things that able-bodied and able-minded people can do with ease when with proper design and implementation, it could be equitable and accessible to everyone. I, along with the entire team of Bosken Inclusion, plan on changing that, because everybody and everybody deserves the right to use the web, just as they deserve the right to do anything else.

Tel: 614-349-8706
Email: grace@boskeninclusion.com